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Florida Traffic Tickets 101

There are very specific and simple steps to follow for satisfying your responsibilities for a Florida Traffic Ticket. Step one is to understand that you MUST pay your fine and indicate which option you are choosing within 30 days.

Driving is a privilege not a right. That means you can lose your driving privilege for a specific time period or forever if you don’t follow the rules. The most common reason drivers in Florida lose their drivers license is not paying their traffic ticket.

Here are the basics of satisfying a Florida Traffic Ticket.

The Clerk of Court

In almost every case you will satisfy your traffic ticket through the Clerk of Court in the county where you received your citation. You will pay your fine to the clerk of court and send all documents to the clerk of court.

Decide which option you are electing.

Florida Traffic School Success It is your choice to either:
Orange Bullet Pay the full fine
Orange Bullet Fight your ticket in traffic court
Orange Bullet Elect the traffic school option (if it is available to you)

Here is information on each option:

Pay the Full fine

Traffic ticket fines in Florida range from about $80 on the low end for a basic speeding ticket or moving violation like running a red light or stop sign to $500 dollars for speeding 30 mph over the limit in a school zone or construction zone.

If you pay the full fine you are pleading guilty and will receive points on your drivers license. Points – in this case – are bad and too many points can result in your drivers license being suspended or revoked.

Fight your Ticket in Court

If you feel that you are not guilty of the traffic infraction then you may choose to fight the ticket in traffic court.

Be aware that you must prove you are not guilty. And note that if you lose your case that in many situations you will pay court costs, additional fines, and may be ordered to complete a defensive driving or traffic school class.

Complete a Traffic School Class

Florida has a very simple and effective traffic school program. For most tickets you can elect to complete a traffic school class and receive no points on your drivers license.

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